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29 december, 2005

Heard This Tune? Jo-R-Type(2004 ShoGun Remix)

28 december, 2005

Evol Intent - Various Tunes 320 bit

Evol Intent - Land Of The Phat B [ 15.78mb ]
Evol Intent - The Ladies [ 13.05mb ]
Evol Intent - Stone Slab [ 14.5 ]

27 december, 2005

Liquid Xmas Mix

by DjHobzee.

Still testing the set :D

1.Nu Tone V's Syncopix - Upgrade
2.SKC & Bratwa - Pain
3.Mist - Universe
4.D Kay - Sunday Morning
5.Random Movement - Love Night
6.Calibre - All The While
7.SKC & Bratwa - Time Is Now
8.HC - What We Do
9.Phobia - Is It True
10.C+PF's - Bride Of Funkenstein
11.Duo Infernale - Lost In The World
12.Chris Su & SKC - Whats Happening
13.D Bridge & Calibre - Hot Flush
14.D Kay - Serenade
15.Calibre & Mc Fats - Neighbourhood
16.Syncopix - Travellin Man
17.Ill Logic & Raf - Reuinted
18.Klute - Hell Hath No Fury
19.Ill Logic & Raf - One Step To Glory (Paradox remix)
20.C+PF's - Train Track
21.HC & Logistics - If I Could
22.Ill Logic & Raf - Turnaround
23.Teebee - Not The One

Direct download! [ 109mb ]

25 december, 2005

Another Tune....Gridlok Feat. Ryme Tyme - Dont Hold Back

another fav.

Trip hop - Dub - Downtempo Mix

Trip hop - Dub - Downtempo Mix (Peace Orchestra - Tosca - Shantel -Truby - Doc Scott - Kruder & Dorfmeister - A Forest Mighty Black and more)

Yeah, this is the full name of the set i'm listening now. It's 4:51AM, I am totaly stoned and havent sleept much since John B performance.

Trip hop - Dub - Downtempo Mix from [ 90.69mb ]

Roll a joint, relax and listen.


23 december, 2005

Commix - Urban Legend 320 bit

brilliant tune. snag it if ya dont have it. 320 bit.

22 december, 2005

Be smart!! Don't lose the music!!

No music from me today, but something related to it.

If you are a music fan or even a DJ, who regulary listens to loud music, you could be putting your hearing at risk. If you can't talk to people about two metres away without shouting because of the loud music, it means the noise level is dangerous and you should take precautions to protect your hearing.

How loud is too loud? If you have ever been to a club or concert or listened to loud music at home and found that you cannot hear properly for a few hours afterwards, then your ears are telling you that the sound was too loud.

To reduce the risk you should limit the amount of time you spend in a loud environment, take regular breaks and wear earplugs to protect your hearing.

Is there a safe listening time?
Your hearing can be damaged by a combination of three factors - the length of time you expose yourself to a noise, the average level of the noise and the peak level of the noise. However another variable is how susceptible you are to hearing damage. This varies from person to person and you can only know how susceptible you are after you have damaged your hearing, so it is important to take precautions to prevent it.

Levels of noise
Noise levels are measured in decibels denoted as dB(A) which is a scale that reflects the sensitivity of human ears to different levels of sound. Take a look at the approximate levels of some familiar sounds:

* 20dB(A) is a quiet room at night
* 70dB(A) is a city street
* 80dB(A) is shouting


* 90 -105dB(A) is a night club dance floor
* 110dB(A) is a pneumatic drill 10 foot away
* 125dB(A) is a rock concert
* 130dB(A) is an aeroplane taking off 100 metres away
* 140db(A) is a the threshold of pain

So how long can I listen for?
The Noise at Work regulations are laws that protect your hearing at work. If you work in a place where the daily noise levels reach or exceed 85dB your employer must tell you about the risks and provide ear protectors for you to wear. If you work in a place where the noise reaches or exceeds 90dB the law says you must wear ear protectors and it is up to your employer to make sure you do. However the Noise at Work regulations don't apply outside the workplace, so it is up to you to safeguard your hearing.

More about this topic...

19 december, 2005

AREA88 - smooth train - liquid funk mix from Tokyo

Fresh and very cool mix from Area88.

84.92 MB | 160 kbps | 44100 Hz | Joint-Stereo | 74:12 min.

01 soulriders / laroque and greg packer / fokuz recordings
02 jazz / mathematics / social study
03 travellin' man / syncopix / hospital
04 cold heart / calibre / cia
05 rub a dub / mathematics vs tactile / social study
06 new day / pentagon / unreleased
07 power ballad / london electricity / hospital
08 smooth out / cls & wax / rubik records
09 kiya feat. crow / calibre / signature
10 the outpost / simon v / santorin
11 close to me / drifter (matrix remix) / timewave audio
12 once again / denial / fokuz recordings
13 thunder child / logistics / hospital
14 hell hath no fury / klute / commercial suicide
15 new boy / nu tone / hospital
16 something wonderful / young ax / critical
17 throw your hands up / laroque / wildstyle
18 you dont have to run / concord dawn / hospital
19 strange encounter / nu tone / hospital
20 movado / basic operations / creative source
21 all the while / calibre / signature
22 get it on / fx909 & alix perez / strictly digital
23 chasing dragonz / alpha omega / santorin
24 hold my love / kaleb / blu saphir

If THIS link doesn't work, download me here motherfucker!


18 december, 2005

some more of James Hardway

Here is another tune I promissed...

James Hardway - Ocean Wide from [ 11.89mb ]

IMO, this is the best track from Hardway :)


Chris Su - Lost In The Mix from july 2005 192bit

no tracklist, this is a great mix. had to post it, if you dont have it. please post any mixes by him!

16 december, 2005

Supreme Beings Of Leisure

Suprmeme beings of leisure - Divine operating system [whole album!] from [ 66.56mb ]

Good night, T

B i o g r a p h y
(by Heather Phares)

The electronic pop/trip-hop group Supreme Beings Of Leisure formed out of the ashes of Oversoul 7, the hip-hop project of guitarist/programmer Rick Torres, bassist/programmer Kiran Shahani and keyboardist/programmer Ramin Sakurai. While they were recording demos, the trio asked their friend singer/songwriter Geri Soriano-Lightwood to collaborate with them. Newly christened the Supreme Beings Of Leisure, the group released a few of their demos on Moonshine Records collections before their self-titled debut album appeared in early 2000 on the Palm Pictures imprint.

The music of SBL quite sounds like the bands name: like suprememe music of Leisure. Some tracks are surely under a pop umbrella, some go really deep ... making you gooseflesh deep that is. But it's always sexy, seductive, soulful and haunting.

The band members' wide range of cultural influences (from India, Domenican Republic, Iran, Japan, Puerto Rico and Ireland) as well as their musical influences (from Massive Attack and Bjork to Ravi Shankar, Mozart and Tribe Called Quest) are responsible for their unique sound, fusing all those influences to some great piece of music.

Before Supreme Beings Of Leisure, there was Oversoul 7. Rick Torres, Kiran Shahani, and Ramin Sakurai were recording a rap demo when on a whim they asked friend Geri Soriano-Lightwood, who was working on her own solo record, to try her hand at writing and singing over their tracks. The results took everyone by surprise; the chemistry was obvious. The trio's clever programming and seductive grooves beautifully showcased Geri's distinctive voice and her astonishing lyrics -- searching tales of longing and disillusionment. The demo versions of "What's The Deal" and "Nothing Like Tomorrow" were released on two Moonshine Records compilations to critical raves and great support from local radio.

After contributing various tracks to compilation records both here and abroad, their collective experiences and shared philosophies confirmed that the band, rebooted as Supreme Beings Of Leisure, was onto something special. SBL eventually found solace in Palm Pictures, a label known for its broad-minded multi-media global perspective.

15 december, 2005

James Hardway

I've just got some musick from this guy, and I feel that I would share it with you.

I find it like rhytmic chillout or something. It's still too fresh to tell :)

James Hardway - Time To Go from [ 4.79mb ]
James Hardway - See Through Me from [ 5.21mb ]

The second song sounds more positive.

Here is the artist's Discography and 4 Real Audio clips. Very fucking long Biography can be found too. :)


ps: Will try to find another tune or two of this one ;)

Some darker DNB tunes i recommend ( hell yeah!! )

Chase & Status - Loader from [ 11.5mb ]
Evol Intent/Mayhem/ThinkTank - Broken Sword [ 11.4mb ]
Noisia/Mayhem/Pacific - Centepod from [ 11.6mb ]
Noisia/Maldini/Vegas - Meditation from [ 13mb ]
Skynet - Carbon Shock ( Noisia remix ) from [ 15.5mb ]
Sunchase - Save Us from [ 15.5mb ]

Here is another one, but listen to it really carefully.
It is a tune that has a different approach, Ed Rush & Optical sound somehow redefined.
This guy is one of my favourite producers at the moment and there is a lot of his stuff in my bag :).

Phace - Hot Rock from [ 14.8mb ]


14 december, 2005

Loopless : acid jazz trip hop electro jazz funk

Ahh.. I can't say much more than LISTEN IT UP!

04 Loopless - educated fools (waiting on) from [ 7mb ]
05 Loopless - blue and yellow bird from [ 14mb ]
08 Loopless - red thing called love from [ 8.28mb ]


jamie (human_being) spinning

jamie spinning summer 2004 hyannis, mass.

Some random dnb tunes :)

A-Sides - Follow The Groove from [ 10.4mb ]
Cycom - Yucatan from [ 13mb ]
TeeBee - Tsunami from [ 10mb ]
Giana Brotherz - On Your Mind from [ 8mb ]
Marcus Intalex - Paranoid from [ 8mb ] :)
Krust - Maintain ( TC remix ) from [ 10mb ]
D Kay & Kasra - Babylon from [ 10mb ]
Vicious Circle - Blue Lagoon from [ 9mb ]

13 december, 2005

i cant find this tune... mutt - nectarines and penicillan

ripped this off of knowledge mag jan 05, mix by klute, one of the tracks on it i cant find...

musick: start with some drum and bass


I'm too tierd to do much more today, so just a quick set I found for you.

If I am right, this DJ is from Croatia.

Sven Nalis - SELECTION

1. Fanu - The Unseen (subtitles)
2. D-Bridge & Vegas - True Romance (metalheadz)
3. Rhythm Beater - Clear The Dance (cutterz choice)
4. Tactile - Aldabra (dispatch)
5. Perfect Combination - Let It Go (freeform)
6. Beta 2 - NY Styles (L plates)
7. D-Bridge & Fierce - Twilight (quarantine)
8. A Sides - Everything (Mathematics rmx) (levitated)
9. SKC & Chris Su - Crash (Commercial Suicide)
10. Break - Ruff n' Tumble (invaderz)
11. Rob F - Resistance (hostile)
12. Noisia - Hubcap (subtitles)
13. Kiko - Callisto (explicit)
14. Outlook - Alive (media)
15. Calibre - Drowning In You (Liquid V)
16. Craggz & Parallel Forces - Red Octopuss (product)
17. Klute - Junk (commercial suicide)
18. Impulse & Mecha - Future Fear (n:vision)
19. Skynet - Code Orange (n:vision)
20. Calyx - Tearing Us Apart (moving shadow)
21. Break & Hydro - Immaculate (quarantine)
22. Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea (High Contrast rmx)


Download here!


Welcome to...

... 420 time.

Here you will be able to find lots of cool stuff, once I start posting :D

"open for all kinds of stuff if it is good"

We will reccomend you books to read, artists to check, songs to listen, movies to see and many more. Whatever WE find the best :)

That's all for intro, won't promisse too much, just wait and see :D