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14 december, 2005

Loopless : acid jazz trip hop electro jazz funk

Ahh.. I can't say much more than LISTEN IT UP!

04 Loopless - educated fools (waiting on) from [ 7mb ]
05 Loopless - blue and yellow bird from [ 14mb ]
08 Loopless - red thing called love from [ 8.28mb ]



Blogger christooss said...

Nice page. I hope this will develope in to very usefull drumnbass/jazz/funky etc. music page with lots of interesting things on.

04 - Loopless Educated Fools isn't avalible on

12:17 dop.

Blogger Is it 420 yet? said...


thank you for your comment.

Yes, sendspace is not avalible sometimes, but It usualy works couple of minutes later.

We cannot provide our own hosting at this moment, so we have to be paitent.

Take care, T

12:32 dop.

Blogger christooss said...

No problems. Thanks for letting me/us know.

6:16 pop.


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