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16 februar, 2006

subzero - neuromancer mix 2-06

15 februar, 2006

Tic420 - Live at home

I just recorded this tonight... slightly high afternoon. ;)

Tracklist: Tic420 - Live at home
Size: 57mb
Duration: 31min 9sec
Quality: 256kbps;44khz Stereo

Artificial Intelligence / Movin On / VRecords
Syncopix / 8-bit Blues / Hospital Records
Re-Bound Volume 3 / Voice Activated / Re-bound
Syncopix / Travellin' man / Hospital Records
Unknow Artist / Pump Friction / Breakbeat Worldwide
ill Logic and Raf / Reunited / Bingo Beats
Noisia vs Drifter / Brainstich / Shogan Audio
ill Logic and Raf / Turnaround / Bingo Beats
Roni Size / Trust me VIP / VRecords
Sub Focus / X-ray / RAM records
Syncopix / Barbie Q / PhunkFiction recordings
Lenny Fontana Nu:tone rmx / Spread love / Hospital

Download Tic420 - Live at home at [ 86.73mb ]

12 februar, 2006

protech - forced suicide mix 2006

11 februar, 2006

Alias - Cosmos 320 bit

DJ Icey (with Angel Farringdon) - Automatic Static 15

You MUST hear this break power!

Download Automatic Static 15 at [ 86.73mb ] NOW! :)

08 februar, 2006


Click Here and enjoy!

06 februar, 2006


Very cool game!

My record is 23.172 seconds...



03 februar, 2006


Here is a very cool link for you :) I had an hour full of laugh...

Quote from section I DIDN'T KNOW THAT

In the future, everyone will clean themselves with ultra-violet lights placed in their centrally-controlled vehicles, in which they will live all the time, except for two weeks in August when the vehicles will be aired out. (Future Features)


When monkeys dream, they dream they're human. (Simian Psychology Today)


Somewhere in the world there is someone who has a wallet that is identical to yours. (Pickpocket Monthly)


The day of the week we call "Friday" derives from an early use of the word as the name of a no-nonsense sergeant in the Los Angeles police force called "Joe Friday." (Oxford Encyclopedia of Reruns)